About us more

O-View Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2003, is a leading company specializing in designing and manufacturing automation equipments. Our equipment is marketed under our proprietary “O-VIEW” brand and applied mainly in the fields of medical device manufacturing, consumer electronics assembly, FPD manufacturing, and energy industry. We have an international customer base, from Taiwan to China and Southeast Asia.




We are a team of 70 people divided into 7 functional segments, with strong capabilities of mechanical design, software design, assembly, as well as sales and marketing. We can reliably provide our customers with integrated services more effectively and economically than any other competitor, in the end benefiting our customers greatly by shortening their R&D time and reducing labor costs.



O-View is the symbol of quality. It is our goal and responsibility to pursue premium solutions. We aim to sell not only products, but exceptional service and quality. We concentrate on every detail of our machines’ manufacturing process, including their design, assembly, testing, and customer service. We consider the satisfaction of our customers to be our most important goal.


In the future, besides continuing to improve product efficiency and shorten delivery time on our current mass production machines, we will keep expanding our capabilities to include new applications in order to better reach and cater to various market segments all over the world. We will also do our best to offer the best-designed machines meeting the needs of our customers to extend our market advantages and make ourselves a more competitive automation equipment supplier.